Skilled Nursing

Most people call skilled nursing facilities nursing homes. These locations serve two purposes. After a senior experiences an accident or undergoes a surgery, they may need to go through a rehabilitation period. After they are discharged from the hospital, seniors may enter skilled nursing facilities where they can undergo occupational, speech, and physical therapy until their health is restored.

The amount of time a senior stays in a rehab facility depends on their progress and insurance. Medicare will cover services that are needed for as long as the senior continues to make progress.

Skilled nursing facilities also meet the needs of seniors who cannot take care of themselves and need round-the-clock nursing care. Skilled nursing facilities are home to older residents who need regular assistance with Activities of Daily Living, which are ADLs. These are toileting, dressing, eating and ambulating. Care seniors receive at skilled nursing facilities provide everything they need to progress through each day.

Not all skilled nursing facilities are alike. Some are located within continuing care retirement communities and are filled with long-term members, while others are stand-alone and accept newcomers. The price range for skilled nursing facilities is about $187-$400 per day.

Medicare will cover this cost only if the service follows a qualifying hospital stay. After that, the patient is responsible for the cost. If you do the math, you will quickly realize why it’s so important to plan for your long-term care while you’re still healthy.

Is a skilled nursing facility right for you?

John O’Hara can work with you to find the right care solution for you and your loved one. Each family goes through the following process:

Assess financials and care requirements

What level of care is currently needed, and how might that change as time goes on? What facilities are within your price range? We will discuss these options with you.

Identifying, Visiting & Evaluating Living Facilities

We will compile a list of facilities that fit your requirements, assess their affordability, and tour each with you.

Applications & Required Documents for Facilities

Once you choose the best facility for your situation, we will help you to process the paperwork required for you to move in.

Managing the Move and Help Downsizing

We will help you plan your move, and will even help you sell your home. For assistance selecting a skilled nursing facility, email John O’Hara or call him at 267.481.1786

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Complete care from the first "Hello" to getting settled into a new location. John will take the time to keep you informed every step of the way.