Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) provide care along every step of the aging process. To enter these types of facilities, you will first need to meet financial and physical requirements. There are several different payment plans, but generally, there is an entrance fee and a monthly payment.

When you first enter a CCRC, you will have an independent apartment where you provide all of your care. The facility will provide one meal per day. You will be permitted to come and go from your apartment as you please.

Though these facilities allow for independent living, on-campus services are a phone call away. Should a senior need physical or emotional support, they can easily bring these services in to help them. In the case of an accident, physical and occupational therapists are available to treat the senior before they return to normal living after recovery.

If seniors’ need for care increases to the point that they can no longer live independently, they can move into a different on-campus apartment where their needs can be met. This allows the senior to maintain some of their independence without sacrificing the care they need. Thanks to the Life Care Contract signed when entering the CCRC, the cost will not increase unless the facility requires extra supplies.

If the need for care continues to increase to the point that skilled nursing is needed, skilled rooms exist on the same facility. When the senior moves in, their bill will not increase except for added supplies or other types of services, like haircuts or medications.

Is this Facility Right for You?

CCRC are a popular choice due to their predictable costs and range of care options. John O’Hara can help you with the following:

Assess Financials and Care Requirements

What level of care is best suited for you, and how may those needs change in the future? What type of care can you afford? John will discuss these options with you.

Identifying, Visiting, & Evaluating Living Facilities

Based on your financial and are requirement assessment, John will identify facilities that may be a good fit for you and join you as you tour each.

Applications & Required Documents for Facilities

Once you choose the care facility that best suits your needs, we will help you ensure that you complete all necessary paperwork properly.

Managing the Move and Downsizing

We will help set you up with movers, transportation, and can even help sell your home.

If you or a loved one is preparing to move to a CCRC, call John O’Hara at 267.481.1786 or email him to help you with the process.

Let John Help Today

Complete care from the first "Hello" to getting settled into a new location. John will take the time to keep you informed every step of the way.